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April 27, 2019 Room

Girl Room Decor Ideas for Twins

Room Decor Ideas – Twin girls look a lot like each other, but that does not mean they share the same taste. Decorate separate rooms for your twin daughters according to their personal favorites, as it means the art of two identical rooms that could not be more diverse. Use a color scheme or theme in each room that appeals to the twin that occupies the space.

Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas

Traditional Living Room Decor Ideas

Create identical bedrooms for the twins if both want the same colors, the theme and the departures of their bedrooms. If girls are accustomed to having the same things that could comfort them know their twin is surrounded by the same colors and things. Alternatively, decorate a wall in each of the girls’ bedrooms of the same, but decorate the rest of the rooms differently. It could be as simple as painting a wall in each of the bedrooms in the same pink tone. Using equal furniture form or may be enough.

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Use similar themes if the twins like the same things, but do not want identical bedrooms. For example, let each of the girls choose their favorite fairy tale princess and decorate the rooms with themes centered on the princess chosen of each girl. Use the farm animals in one room and the animals in the jungle in the other if both like animals. Create nature or seasonal themes if girls enjoy outdoor activities, such as a garden theme in one room and a beach theme in the other or use in winter and summer or fall and spring.

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